Pavers, Walkways, Patios & Retaining Walls

Interlocking concrete pavers are becoming second to none on both commercial and residential projects. Their beauty and versatility are making it one of the fastest growing flexible paving systems. Pavers are manufactured in a variety of colors, textures and shapes to construct any dream into reality. They’re simulation of stones, bricks, tiles, cobblestone and granite block bring expression and taste to any area. Unlike asphalt and concrete, pavers won’t crack, chip or flake and are virtually maintenance free. Their interlocking system make it easy to remove and replace if necessary.

Unlike wood walls, block wall units won’t rot or deteriorate and can be used to construct curved or straight walls. The various block choices and sizes allow you to build small 1′ garden walls or walls over 30′ high!


Our Process

Pavers are usually constructed on a 6″ – 8″ compacted base of 3/4″ quarry blend stone and 1″ coarse concrete sand bed. After paver installation, joint sand is swept back and forth over the entire paver surface until all joints are filled to the top with polymeric sand.

Wall units are usually constructed on a 6″ compacted base of 3/4″ modified stone footing and 1/2″ layer of sand or stone screenings. All areas behind the units are backfilled and compacted.

Pavers are often used for the following:

  Pool Areas
  Around Fountains
  Retaining/Landscaping Walls
  Landscape Edging

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